Why FlashStay ?

Our company started in 2018 but the real story of FlashStay finds its roots in our global experience and the realization that there was value to be created in the gray area between hotel and short term rental.

Similarly to many millennial founders, freelancers or employees on a flexible work schedule, we find ourselves working and operating from other cities quiet often. When traveling to those cities we have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can work and conduct meetings, thanks to our membership in a popular co working space company. However, the living situation is often hazardous or cost prohibitive.

Traditional hotels are expensive and drive extra spending. The college friend’s couch is cool once or twice but gets old quickly. Short term rentals are often managed by owners with no hospitality background looking to make an extra buck and are a hit or miss. Across the board value is a big question mark.

The question then becomes: how can one find an accommodation with the personality of a home and the predictability of a hotel, at an efficient price ?

That is why we founded FlashStay. We provide carefully selected and outfitted accommodations that appeal to today’s modern travelers.

Milain & Steeven

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